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A practical alternative to aerosols and pressurised containers.

21 September 2023
Evans Vanodine are delighted to introduce the latest product in our air care range.

Air and Fabric Freshener is a high quality, liquid air and fabric freshener. It contains naturally derived and renewable malodour technology, making it ideal where persistent odours are a problem. It also contains anti-soiling protection, meaning it can be used on carpets, fabrics and on upholstery with an extraction machine.

Air and Fabric Freshener is delivered using Flairosol®, a next generation solution for dispensing liquids, which is free from pressurised gases. Unlike aerosol cans, Flairosol® bottles can be refilled and reused repeatedly*.

Aerosols have been widely used within the cleaning industry since they were first invented in the 1920s. Research shows that using aerosols which require pressurised gases and VOCs to operate are not an environmentally responsible way to dispense sprayable liquids. Aerosols rely on a propellant to create the spray, which is often flammable; Evans aerosol cans used a butane propellant. This method of spraying is also not considered a very sustainable solution, as it does not allow the entirety of the product to be dispersed, with some product often left in the canister. The majority of aerosol canisters have no reusable aspect; they cannot be refilled or recycled.

Flairosol® uses patented liquid dispensing technology to produce a fine, prolonged, mist, without the need for harmful gases. The liquid in the Flairosol® bottle enters a reservoir where a trigger action puts the liquid under pressure. Once the pressure has built up, the valve opens and dispenses a fine, prolonged, liquid mist. Unlike a standard trigger spray, the Flairosol® spray has a 360o spray pattern, allowing for greater coverage of large areas. This method leaves less residue in the container compared with aerosols, 2% verses 10-15%.

Air and Fabric Freshener is available in two unique fragrances: Fresh Cotton and Aloe and Midnight Rose and Oud, and will replace our FRESH aerosols and RTUs. The new bottles also feature our rebranded ‘peel & reveal’, multi-language labels. 

To download a copy of our information flyers, please click the links below:

A New Way to Spray

Refill Reuse Recycle

*Flairosol® bottles can be reused and refilled from the corresponding 5 L and are fully recyclable. The spray heads are reusable for up to 25 x 500 ml refills.

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