About Evans Vanodine

Evans 2025

Evans 2025 is the current strategy for Evans Vanodine, where our departments align and contribute to the same goals to be achieved or developed by 2025.

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Opening Statement

Our story started in 1919, when we began as a manufacturer of disinfectants and liquid soaps. Today, we are experts in the manufacture of a wide range of hygiene chemicals, leaders in evolutionary products, providing research, development, and solutions. We are devoted to supporting customers, employees, and industry through sharing our expertise.

Evans Vanodine is a family business, with family values, which have guided us for five generations and enabled us to be dedicated in innovating advanced solutions for over 100 years. We are proud of our heritage.

Mission and Vision Statement

To formulate, manufacture and distribute cleaning solutions for the professional hygiene and livestock protection industries.

Evans Vanodine believes that success is a result of ensuring that the highest standards are met across the board, safeguarding the future of stakeholders, both people and places. Evans Vanodine is committed to adding value throughout the supply chain, whilst maintaining a duty of care of people and the environment.


Core Values

  • Accountability
    We are accountable for the developments we make, the products we formulate and the people we employ.
  • Innovation
    We encourage creativity and new ideas to deliver future value.
  • Cooperation
    We work as one team, united by common principles, attitudes, and goals.
  • Quality
    Consistently providing our customers and end users with high quality products and services.
  • Integrity
    Real service, real products, real solutions.
  • Leadership
    We are leaders in our performance, our innovation, and our team.