Coronavirus: Supply and Demand - updated 08/06/20

3 March 2020

DISCLAIMER: Following developments online and in the press, regarding the effectiveness of disinfectants in treating COVID-19, we would just like to remind all users of our products, that under no circumstances should any Evans Vanodine product be ingested into the human body, either by injection or by swallowing. Our products are intended for use only by the methods outlined in our Product Information Sheets and Safety Data Sheets. Before using any of our products, please read the product label and safety data sheet and always adhere to health and safety instructions.

DISCLAIMER: Evans Vanodine has become aware of profiteering by businesses and individuals reselling our products, in particular, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Handsan, Evans 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, is being resold on websites such as Ebay and refilled into pack sizes which our business does not manufacture. Please be vigilant when purchasing Evans products and do so through a registered distributor, not general retail websites where the goods may be fakes and packaged unsuitably. Action will be taken against any resellers who persist in misusing and misrepresenting the Evans Vanodine brand, and potentially endangering our customers.


Following the Coronavirus outbreak, and worldwide advice on good hand hygiene and surface disinfection, we have experienced a very high demand for Handsan, our 70% alcohol-based, authorised biocide, hand disinfectant, and many of our disinfectant products. Whilst we continue manufacturing Handsan, and a restricted range of cleaning and hygiene products, we are encountering continued global supply challenges with our bottles and containers.

Due to these challenges we are facing, along with all manufacturers, we need to safeguard future production and supply of products. Therefore, we have had to revise our provision of 500 ml hand care pumps and 750 ml trigger heads. Until further notice, you will see a change in how these are supplied in your cases of product. 

Certain 500 ml hand care products will now be supplied with flip-top closures instead of pump heads. Handsan, Trigon and Ocean Blue will now be capped with six flip-top closures in each 6 x 500 ml case, until further notice. At present, all other hand care products will continue to be supplied with pump heads. However, this is subject to change, depending on the supply chain, but you will notice there may be some variation on the colour and type of pump head.

All 750 ml RTU products will now only have two trigger spray heads included in each 6 x 750 ml case. These products will now be securely capped and packed in a shallower carton with two loose trigger spray heads. Supply of our e:dose trigger spray heads, for use with our pre-printed e:dose spray bottles, has also been affected. We will only be suppling 2 trigger spray heads in each case of 6 x 1 empty e:dose spray bottles.

Therefore, we are asking users to retain all 500 ml and 750 ml trigger spray heads for future use. We understand this may prove a challenge to you and your customers, but we, regrettably, had no choice but to make this decision. This enables us to all work together to ensure packaging remains available for supply and use of our products.

Our 750 ml and 500 ml bottles can be re-filled from the corresponding 5 L product, where available, using a pelican pump or aeroflow tap. Please ensure you wash out  any bottles and triggers/pumps thoroughly prior to re-use.

Re-using and re-filling these bottles and triggers/pumps will also help us all reduce our consumption of plastic and our impact on the environment.

Please refer to our Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting support pack for guidance on hand hygiene, surface disinfection and recommended products. 

We are fully aware of the concerns over supply of our cleaning and hygiene products and we are making every effort to meet demand. In some instances, we are having to limit and monitor orders per distributor, which may also affect supply to end user customers. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

Ensure you and your customers know the correct procedure for effective hand washing and sanitising. Contact our sales office to obtain your laminated wallcharts or download via
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