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Post Lockdown Cleaning and Disinfecting - Updated April 2021

22 May 2020
In light of the government’s revised guidelines for a phased approach to reopen closed businesses, following the Coronavirus lockdown procedures, we have created a range of documents to help and guide our customers and product users.

The government’s task forces are looking at sectors including pubs and restaurants, recreation and leisure, places of worship and schools. The existing measures in place will be constantly under review and will be monitored so the spread of the virus is controlled.

If a business, or school, is to reopen, there are considerations relating to social distancing, more frequent disinfection of hand-touch surfaces and, of course, hand hygiene. Employers may need to update their risk assessment relating to any products used in the control of Coronavirus. Evans’ Risk Assessment Portal can help you with this

Research has shown Coronavirus is able to survive in the environment on surfaces, e.g. wood, plastic, glass and cardboard, from between 24 hours and 9 days (dependent on conditions e.g. temperature and humidity).  If a building has been closed for the duration of the lockdown period, it is unlikely any virus would be present on surfaces. However, for staff, customer and pupil confidence it may be advisable to follow existing hygiene programmes for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. 

Below you will find links to our Coronavirus guides and related wallcharts. Please follow the instructions and recommendations in these documents, paying particular attention to dilution rates/contact times and any safety advice.

As with the use of any chemicals and disinfectants, always read the label and product information sheet before use and wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Visit our Training pages to view all our COVID-19 support videos HERE

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guide

How To Clean and Disinfect Surfaces

Deep Cleaning Guide

PPE Safe Work Practice

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Checklist

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Training Record

Product Certificates of Hygiene (Will download as zipped file)

Application of Disinfectants by Spraying

Wash Your Hands Wallchart

Sanitise Your Hands Wallchart

How to Clean and Disinfect Evolve Dispenser

Maintaining Chemical Dosing Equipment

EN 16777 and EN 14476 Virucidal Tests Explained 

Coronavirus FAQs

You will find links to the government’s guidelines for various business sectors HERE.

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