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Sapphire Concentrate - a new name, but same great product

15 February 2024
Sapphire 1:4 is now called Sapphire Concentrate to reflect the fact that it can be used at varying dilution rates and still be effective.   This means that is more economical and more environmentally sustainable, but still has the same formulation and the same high quality. Tests have shown that at a dilution of 1:7 it is still effective and passes EN 1656 bacteria tests for pre- and post-milking. 

Sapphire Concentrate is a versatile product which can be applied as a foam, dip or spray and its intense long lasting blue colour allows farmers to see easily which cows have been effectively treated. 

Why has it changed?

Originally, a dilution rate of 1:4 was chosen to ensure that the diluted product would kill candida albicans microorganisms, hence the name, Sapphire 1:4. However, as many farms do not have a specific candida problem, we have decided to increase the general dilution rate stated on the label to 1:7 and change the name to Sapphire Concentrate. 

Many chlorhexidine-based concentrate teat dips are known to become unstable once diluted with water at the point of use. This means after the solution is made, the chlorhexidine can ‘precipitate’ out of the solution and render the product useless. This is why at Evans our R&D chemists include a specifically chosen surfactant ingredient to prevent this, so that the product can be diluted in all water conditions, including hard water. 

Diluted 1:7 Sapphire Concentrate contains:
Dual biocidal disinfectants: 2,750ppm chlorhexidine gluconate + 7,500ppm lactic acid.
Skin conditioning emollient: 4%.
Specially selected surfactant.
A blue dye to make full coverage of the teat visible.

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