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Tests show that Evans’ procedure reduces Coccidiosis Oocysts by 98%

29 April 2024
Tests were carried out by an external independent laboratory, APHA Scientific Parasitology Laboratory, who specialise in Coccidiosis testing. The cleaning and disinfection procedure shown below was tested during an ‘in Vitro’ field study with the following results:


The results showed that to obtain the required >95% reduction of sporulation, the procedure outlined below is proven to be effective in destroying the oocysts which enable the infections to spread.
  1. Remove all animals and portable equipment from the pen.
  2. Remove any organic material. 
  3. Apply Target Powergel at 1:14 through a foam cleaner or low-pressure washer (less than 70 bar). Allow a minimum contact time of 30 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry. 
  4. Spray all areas thoroughly with a solution of GPC8 at 1:35, at a rate of 300ml per square metre and leave for a minimum of 2 hours. For best results apply as a foam. Do not rinse off. 
  5. Refit portable equipment and allow to air dry.
If this procedure is followed with the correct dilution rates and with the cleaning and disinfectant steps carried out in the order described, incidences of Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidium should be reduced. 

Protective clothing and equipment (PPE) must be provided for all personnel as it is essential that the correct clothing and equipment is used when using chemicals to clean and/or disinfect.


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