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Product rebranding - our vision

9 March 2024
Users of our products may have noticed over the last few months, that the bottles in their hands have started to look a little different. This is all part of our brand refresh project, to modernise and unify our look. 

The newly branded professional hygiene labels look dramaticaly different to our traditional style. Previously, we branded our products with the emphasis on where we thought they were used most often, sectioning them into areas such as catering or washroom. The re-brand has given us the opportunity to rethink our approach. Our labels will now be coloured based on function, for instance a degreaser or disinfectant. This means that a product can be used wherever it is needed, whether that is in an office or a washroom. This will make it easier for users to search for and identify the type of product they need.

As an example, Est-eem cleaner sanitiser was previously branded within our catering hygiene range. However, in essence, this is just an unperfumed disinfectant, so can be used on any surface that needs to be disinfected. Therefore, it now lives in the disinfectant function category and has been re-coloured accordingly.

Our e:dose range of products, however, will remain within their own super concentrate range. The individual colourings of these products and their labels will not change.

There will also be a selection of products featuring ‘peel and reveal’ multi-language labels, helping to improve training and communication of health and safety information to a wider audience. These labels will be phased in once we have redesigned the majority of our labels in English.

Please be assured that the formulations of our products have not changed in any of our new-look bottles; they all still deliver the same great performance.

This whole project is, of course, a huge undertaking and will take time to complete, as we co-ordinate stocks of existing labels to minimise waste. Please bear with us while these changes take place and we update all our platforms and support material, including our website, to align all our artwork. 

You can compare our old and new labels by viewing our branding vision flyer HERE as well as seeing an overview of our new function categories.

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