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Optimum Performance, Minimum Impact

3 September 2015

How do you judge whether a product has a high or low impact on the environment?

Some manufacturing companies may decide that if a product contains biodegradable surfactants or has a neutral pH, it is sufficient justification to make such claims. If a highly active neutral product is used undiluted, how does this compare with an alkali product that is diluted 1 part to 100 parts water? Which has the least impact on the environment?

There are various schemes used in Europe to determine environmental impact but none takes into account all of the relevant factors. As manufacturers of cleaning and livestock hygiene products Evans Vanodine is committed to developing chemicals which comply with all the relevant European legislation and provide optimum performance with a minimal effect on the environment.

To help us achieve this objective we have a unique, innovative system for classifying our janitorial products according to their overall environmental impact. Devised by one of Evans’ experienced research chemists, Sandra Wright, the 'Wright Environmental Impact Rating' (WEIR) system takes into account 7 criteria, including the formulation, manufacture, use and disposal of a product, as well as its packaging.

Each product is analysed in order to produce a score. The lower the overall score, the lower the impact it has on the environment. Products which achieve a low impact rating are identified by a green tick logo on the label and are known as part of the ‘Green Tick’ range.

One advantage of the WEIR system is that is has enabled us to highlight products with the lowest impact within each of our cleaning categories. Using an apparently low impact product to carry out a cleaning task in the wrong circumstances does not serve the best interest of the environment. For example, using a neutral, low impact washing up liquid for degreasing a deep fat fryer would be a waste of product, time and energy, compared to using a smaller amount of a suitable heavy duty degreaser. So users can choose the most appropriate ‘Green Tick’ product for their required application, covering toilet cleaning, housekeeping, floorcare and kitchens, under a variety of soiling and water conditions. Evans Vanodine firmly believes that, rather than simply using any product labelled as ‘green’ or ‘eco friendly, it is so important to select a product that has been specifically formulated to be fit for its purpose, used at the recommended dilution rate and disposed of responsibly.
Evans Vanodine believes sustainability is a key factor in meeting its own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. One of the many ways we do this is to reduce the creation of waste and increase energy saving in as many situations as possible.

Our extensive range of bulk storage vessels enable us to purchase raw materials in large quantities, eliminating the use of small drums and excessive packaging. We have designed and installed a computer operated, manufacturing tank washing system which enables us to clean tanks and filling lines quickly and efficiently, with a dramatic reduction in the use of water which resulted in a Best Environmental Practice award. Our plastic containers are HDPE, High Density Polyethylene Type 2, easily and commonly recycled and we have also sourced 100% recyclable plastic triggers for our spray bottles. Packaging cartons contain high levels of recycled material. All waste paper, plastic wrap and cardboard are segregated into dedicated skips so waste can undergo the recycling journey once more. We even recycle the cooking oil from our staff canteen.

The manufacturing plant has been designated as a Low Impact Installation and awarded a permit under the Pollution Prevention & Control (England & Wales) Regulations and we have achieved accreditation by the British Standards Institution under the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

Evans Vanodine also has an extensive range of training support films, dilution guides and product brochures to instruct customers and users on correct dosages for our products and methods of use. Our commitment doesn’t just stop once the chemicals are manufactured and sold; the aim is to help educate users to get the optimum performance from their products, whilst also using them responsibly.

All these factors highlight just how seriously Evans Vanodine cares about the environment. We even have our own dedicated environment web site, where you will find further details on the W.E.I.R. system, details of low impact products, the latest ‘green’ news and information on all relevant European legislation, including REACH. Visit it here

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