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NEW SUPER CONCENTRATES - EC2 Degreaser & EC4 Sanitiser

NEW SUPER CONCENTRATES - EC2 Degreaser & EC4 Sanitiser

6 January 2014

As part of our continuing product development, we have introduced a new Sanitiser and a new Degreaser to our Super Concentrates range.

EC2 DEGREASER is more efficient at cleaning than conventional, heavy-duty degreasers and, most importantly, less hazardous. It contains surfactants which have been specially selected and blended to achieve an outstanding cleaning and degreasing performance. It has a neutral pH, making it suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including soft metals such as aluminium.

EC4 SANITISER has been formulated with a specific blend of ingredients, which has optimised the overall cleaning and disinfecting performance of the product.
At Evans Vanodine, we work with our customers to understand how our disinfectants are going to be used and we test products accordingly. We have proven that this product will pass EN 1276 under dirty conditions at a dilution rate of 1:60 with a contact time of 30 seconds, which is typical of how a single stage sanitiser would be used.

Packed in easy to handle 1 litre dosing bottles, they are also available in 5 litre containers for use as a refill or in the e:dose wall dispensing system.

We have taken this opportunity to incorporate all of our economical, super concentrated products under the popular e:dose brand.

If you would like to find out more about these 2 new products, please contact our Sales department on 01772 322200 or .

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