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New style Livestock labels and drums

New style Livestock labels and drums

31 August 2016

Evans Vanodine has upgraded its Livestock range container drums and introduced colour coded labels.

The new Ecostacker plastic drum has been designed to overcome the ecological, transport, handling and pouring issues normally associated with large volume plastic containers.

The drums feature the SafepourĀ® anti-glug system, which enables a consistent, fast and safe flow of product, reducing the risks of handling and decanting chemicals. Another advantage of these new drums is the view strip and graduations on the side of container, so users are able to see more easily the volume of product remaining.

The Ecostacker is UN approved for the transportation of chemicals and offers improved stacking and handling performance, with a unique head/foot interlocking design to distribute the weight of the filled container more evenly.

The new design labels are now colour coded, to help identify the different product ranges. Our teat dips feature green labels; acid-based products are red and our alkali-based products have blue or purple labels.

Altogether, the Livestock range now offers excellent performance in terms of identification, safety, strength and stability.

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