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NEW Green Tick Products

NEW Green Tick Products

16 August 2013

To help our customers reduce their impact on the environment, we have added to our 'Low Impact Product' range.
Regardless of the severity of a cleaning task, users may prefer to use a chemical which has a low impact on the environment. However, using an apparently low impact product to carry out a cleaning task in the wrong circumstances does not serve the interest of environmental sustainability.

Therefore, to help users choose the low impact product most appropriate for the application, we have restructured the categories of our 'Green Tick' range, which now includes:

  • Products for cleaning and descaling toilets under a variety of soiling and water conditions
  • Products for washing crockery under light, medium and heavy workloads
  • Products for cleaning hard surfaces under light, medium and heavy soiling conditions.
In addition to the new categories, over the past few months we have re-formulated several of our products, to achieve better cleaning and an improved bactericidal action of our cleaners and disinfectants. Due to this we have reviewed their 'Green Tick' rating, using our unique W.E.I.R. System, which has allowed us to introduce 7 new products to the range.

Please take a look at the 'Low Impact Products' page on our dedicated environment website to see the entire 'Green Tick' range.
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