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A minty fresh fragrance for the newest addition to Evans Vanodine’s teat dip range - Masomint

7 February 2024
Following requests from customers, we have launched a new teat dip, spray, and foam, Masomint, which is formulated with a mint fragrancde. We recognise that teat skin is a vulnerable part of the dairy cow, so with its proven soothing and calming effect, mint can help with good udder health. To further improve teat condition, which is essential to minimise bacteria growth, the addition of high levels of glycerol to smooth and soften the skin are an important part of the formulation. 

Masomint has excellent bactericidal action due to the presence of chlorhexidine gluconate and lactic acid.  Testing proves that Masomint kills 99.999% of mastitis causing bacteria which helps to maintain good udder health and productivity. This is a crucial element in any teat disinfectant and conditioner. 

We know that farmers find it helpful to be able to see easily which cows have been effectively dipped or sprayed during the post-milking process.  So, Masomint has been formulated with a highly visible dark blue colour, so it is easy to see when applied to the cows’ teats. The product is also suitable for use in robotic milking plants. 

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