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IPS Council Contract Case Study

24 October 2022


Evans Vanodine chemicals were submitted, by one of our distributors, for a council contract, as an alternative to the existing supplier. The contract covered 80+ sites, covering catering and housekeeping, within schools, children’s centres, and leisure facilities. On top of the general cleaning and infection control required across the sites, it soon became apparent that, due to the pandemic and the level of deep cleaning and virus management necessary, product requirements would change, along with a need for more technical training, support and a greater understanding of cleaning techniques. The previous supplier was not offering the level of support required, in terms of training, cleaning charts and technical assistance. Managers and cleaners were unsure of procedures, and not fully trained in how to use the products to achieve optimum results.  This is where Evan’s technical expertise was able to excel.



The Evans products were trialled across sites and approved by the council procurement team. Training was initially given face-to-face, but when lockdowns came into force, we were still able to provide training, thanks to our online facility, Evans E-learn. Specific COVID effective products were introduced, along with Certificates of Hygiene, to display at entrances and in receptions, for extra piece of mind. Clarification was provided on the differences between EN 1276, EN 14476 and EN 16777 tests in relation to Coronavirus, and the importance of only using virucidal products where outbreaks have been confirmed or in high-risk areas. Emphasis was given to the importance of dilution rates and contact times; cleaners learnt that ‘an extra squirt from the bottle’ is not necessarily the best thing to do, and that over-dosing chemicals onto surfaces, especially disinfectants, is not recommended. Bespoke cleaning charts were produced for various sites, detailing best practice on how to deep clean after premises had been closed for long periods. Our online risk assessment portal was also made available, to ensure all safety procedures were in place and users were aware of PPE requirements. Direct access to our technical team meant managers and cleaners were able to ask questions and get prompt answers, particularly in relation to any false claims or misconceptions that arose during the pandemic.  



At a time when concerns over infection have been high and the safety of children, staff and visitors has been paramount, Evans Vanodine was able to have a big impact at the council, by providing products and support exactly when and where it was needed. Price point had been one of the determining factors for choosing Evans, however council managers feedback stated “the whole package being offered” as the reason the contract was so well received. The training and support given to the staff within the council, and especially the cleaners, was a great confidence boost; knowing they were performing the tasks correctly, using the right products, dilution rates and contact times. The extra knowledge they gained, in terms of learning about bactericidal and virucidal products and EN test numbers was invaluable. This confidence, in turn, filtered through to visitors and parents, who made comments to the schools when they saw the hygiene certificates on display. They reassured parents that their children were being looked after in a safe and clean environment. Feedback has also been made on the level of cleanliness throughout the sites, which has increased staff morale, both amongst the council managers and cleaners, but also across the sites.

The support Evans Vanodine provided was welcomed by the cleaners and managers, as they were able to confidently allay any fears surrounding the products and procedures used.

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