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Handsan passes Virucidal Test

6 April 2016

Evans Vanodine’s alcohol based hygienic hand rub, has passed European Test Method EN 14476 against Vaccinia virus with a one minute contact time.

This indicates effective activity against enveloped viruses, including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Influenza Virus, Herpesvirus and Hepatitis B.

Handsan is a fast acting and highly effective hygienic hand rub, with 70% alcohol to ensure no residue or odour is left behind on hands. It also contains added glycerine to help protect and moisturise the skin. Handsan is ideal for use in medical care establishments and the catering industry, wherever food is handled, prepared or served. Available in 5 L, 500 ml pump bottle, 75 ml spray bottle with clip and 1 L sealed cartridge for use in the Evans Evolve dispenser.

To find out more about Handsan and download information sheets, visit our product page  /shop/product/133-A051WEV-A051FEV-A051EEV2-A051BEV/

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