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Handsan Donation

Handsan Donation

3 January 2013

We recently donated several pallets of Handsan alcohol hand sanitiser to The International Aid Trust, which they have been able to utilise for their work abroad. We received a wonderul thank you letter from their CEO & Founder Bernard Cocker along with images showing the work they have been able to achieve.

“On behalf of the many people who have benefited from your generosity we thank you for the further donations of seven pallets of hand sanitizer.

This is extremely useful in many areas of our ministry including the very poorest areas of Sierra Leone, Southern India and Eastern Europe. The levels of hygiene in these places are so poor and your donations go a long way in alleviating some of the issues. Of course, the lack of clean of clean water is a major source of sickness and disease so we are doing our best to bore wells and educate the village children in simple matters of personal hygiene such as washing before eating etc. Before we provided a well in Lunghi the villagers drank from the steams that are used for washing, laundry and toilets...

I have attached some photos of a well in use. We are also pioneering small clinics alongside our schools and this is another area where your gifts will be utilised and appreciated. Once again, thanks for remembering us.

Blessings and best wishes Bernard"
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