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Hand Hygiene Boards

Hand Hygiene Boards

13 January 2020

We have designed a range of skincare wallboards, for use in conjunction with our Evans Evolve dispensers. 

The boards are for use wherever you need to implement a hand washing or hand hygiene routine. They offer a visual reminder for staff/visitors to wash/sanitise their hands and also give guidance on best practice for hand washing techniques.

There are a variety of boards to choose from, with single, double and triple dispenser options, both for critical and non-critical areas.

NON-CRITICAL AREA Single Board – recommended for reception areas, waiting rooms, leisure centres, schools and washrooms.

CRITICAL AREA Single or Double Board – recommended where there is a risk of cross-contamination or where a hand sanitiser is required (where water may not be readily available to wash hands). For catering, hospitals, doctors, care homes, medical rooms, dairy parlours.

GENERAL INDUSTRY Triple Boards (with Sanitiser or Heavy-Duty Gel options) – recommended for factories, warehouses, workshops, food processing plants and schools.

The boards are ideal for use with the cartridge skin care collection, which you can view HERE.

To find out more about the boards please contact your Evans Distributor or Evans Area Manager.
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