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FAM 30 – Reapproved for Use During Notified Disease Outbreaks of Tuberculosis (TB)

25 March 2024
FAM 30 is an iodophor disinfectant containing high levels of additional surfactant and acids well known for its decades-long history across the world being used to help prevent disease among livestock. It is the original formulated iodine disinfectant for livestock use, with its first formulation being developed in 1967 to combat the UK’s Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak. In recent years, the current formulation of FAM 30 has not been altered, and our manufacturing and quality control processes are as rigorous as ever. 

As of 18th March 2024, FAM 30 has been reapproved for use against TB at a dilution of 1:14. This dilution should be used during a notified disease outbreak of TB whereby the APHA has confirmed an outbreak. At other times, including preventative measures against TB and other diseases, the legally authorised dilution according to the GB Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) is 1:100. This regulation governs the authorisation of disinfectants (known as Biocides) onto the market. You can understand more about the BPR here

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