Double Assurance Against Enveloped Viruses

31 March 2021

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Evans Vanodine products now have double the assurance against all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus.

EC4 Sanitiser, EC9 Washroom, Est-eem/Est-eem RTU and Protect/ Protect RTU have been independently tested and pass the internationally recognised British and European Standard BSEN 16777 and BSEN 14476 with a 4-log reduction (99.99%).

EN 14476 - the more commonly used test to prove efficacy against coronaviruses, and widely promoted during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a suspension test.
The test product (disinfectant) is added directly to the test microorganism (virus), along with soiling agents (dirt), in a liquid suspension, held in a vessel at the test temperature for the recommended contact time.

Whilst the test product has better contact with the microorganisms in a suspended state, it is not representative of the actual environment where products are used.

EN 16777 - is a surface test, where the microorganism is mixed with a soiling agent and applied directly to a non-porous surface (metal).

As part of the test method, once dried, the test product is then applied to the surface and left for the recommended contact time.

The metal simulates commonly used surfaces found in everyday surroundings and offers a better representation of the practical conditions for a disinfectant.

Using a disinfectant that passes EN 16777, as well as EN 14476, will give you extra confidence in your surface disinfection and infection control routine and ensure you are safeguarding your customers, your team and your business.

To verify any claims, consumers should request test information and support data and companies or manufacturers should make this available when asked.

To view and download our microbiological profiles, click on the product names below:



Est-eem/Est-eem RTU

Protect/Protect RTU

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