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Evans Vanodine's range of disinfectants and DEFRA approval for use under Poultry orders.

05 November 2021

In an outbreak of notifiable avian or zoonotic disease, such as Avian influenza which currently is the cause of some poultry infection outbreaks in the UK, a DEFRA approved disinfectant must be used.

DEFRA approval is required by many assured food standard schemes, including Red Tractor and the Lion scheme, for the end user this means that products which are not DEFRA approved cannot be used on farms signed up to either assurance scheme.

Evans Vanodine’s range of disinfectants which are DEFRA approved against poultry orders under the branding; GPC8, FAM30 (Biocid30 Internationally) and Vanodox Formula, have been tested specifically against various strains of Avian influenza and found to be effective. 

Avian influenza is a highly contagious disease of domestic birds which occurs worldwide. The virus appears naturally among wild birds and can then infect domestic poultry. Infection can be caused through direct contact with infected birds, as well as contact with contaminated surfaces, therefore the use of an effective and approved disinfectant to prevent disease is essential.


Evans Vanodine recommends the use of GPC8 for Avian influenza type A viruses. GPC8 is a powerful glutaraldehyde based general-purpose disinfectant with twin actives and additional wetting agents, which has a very wide spectrum of activity. It is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, it therefore offers protection from a wide range of disease causing (pathogenic) microorganisms. GPC8 is approved by the UK Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), for disinfection under 3 orders for notifiable diseases.

The use of GPC8 is recommended as part of an effective cleaning and disinfection (hygiene) programme, developed to meet the needs of intensive livestock production in the UK and internationally.  GPC8 Is sold in 50 countries worldwide and manufactured in three different overseas locations. GPC8 is proven to be highly effective against different strains of Avian Influenza viruses, in the UK it is approved by DEFRA at a dilution of 1:50 under Poultry orders, however internationally it is effectively used at very low dilutions of 1:100 down to 1;400 depending on the bacterial load and soiling conditions.

FAM 30 

A powerful iodophor general purpose disinfectant which is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, offering protection from a wide range of disease causing (pathogenic) microorganisms. 

FAM 30 is recommended for use in all types of livestock housing as part of a rigorous and effective cleaning and disinfection programme which is developed to meet the needs of intensive livestock production. FAM30 is approved by DEFRA in the UK at a dilution rate of 1:100 for poultry orders  as well as internationally at the same dilution.


A powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant, a stabilised mixture of peracetic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and surfactant. Vanodox Formula has been tested against many disease-causing micro-organisms.

Vanodox Formula is recommended to be used as a terminal disinfectant in all types of livestock housing. Field trials on broiler farms have demonstrated the effectiveness of Vanodox Formula in reducing bacterial numbers on surfaces when used as a final disinfectant after cleaning. It is approved in the UK by DEFRA for poultry orders at a dilution rate of 1:145, with an effective virucidal dilution percentage of 0.3%. 

Additional Information
Farm personnel must pay special attention to Biosecurity, preventing the transmission of disease-causing agents to where they can pose a risk to animals, humans, or the safety and quality of a food product. Therefore, staff must clean and disinfect clothing, footwear, and vehicles, and use foot and wheel dips containing an approved disinfectant (See DEFRA website for more Biosecurity advice).

The frequent cleaning of hard surfaces (e.g., worktops and door handles) to avoid possible human transmission is also recommended to prevent cross-contamination. We recommend the use of SHIFT (Power Wash Liquid) or, TARGET (Foam Cleaner) for general cleaning  and for very heavy soiling TARGET POWERGEL (Foam Gel Cleaner) for the cleaning surfaces prior to disinfection.

The Department of Health, who support the health and social care of the UK, recommend the maintenance of good basic hygiene, such as frequent hand washing followed by hand disinfection with an alcohol hand rub, e.g. Evans HANDSAN This is to reduce the spread of the virus from your hands to your face, or to other people. Handsan has also been tested against Coronavirus, with EN 14476 and is effective undiluted with a 30 second contact time. 

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