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Coffee4Craig Charity Donation

Coffee4Craig Charity Donation

16 April 2018

Evans Vanodine recently donated a supply of cleaning chemicals to Coffee4Craig, a homeless charity based in Manchester.

Coffee4Craig is a charity which aims to end homelessness entirely and has been working to improve the situation for people in Manchester and Cardiff since 2013.

Coffee4Craig started as an outside operation, offering food and drink to the homeless in Manchester however, in collaboration with a number of other local charities and with the support of Manchester City Council, they have now moved off the street and into a building provided by Centre Point North located in the heart of the city of Manchester.

They now provide a 7 days-a -week evening service offering hot food, drinks, support and a chance to have a chat – a respite for men and women many of whom have problems associated with mental health and drug and alcohol abuse. They can also offer support to these vulnerable people through the provision of clothing, access to services and emergency accommodation when available.

Evans Vanodine recently donated a supply of cleaning chemicals to Coffee4Craig and received some feedback from the support staff there, on how this will be used: 
“As part of our arrangement, the Centre Point facility, which includes reception, showers, toilets, dining room and kitchen has to be fully cleaned every evening to be ready for use the next morning, so the provision of cleaning fluids is essential and your excellent donation allows much-needed funding to be directed elsewhere.
Many of our homeless guests led normal lives at one stage and an event or a set of circumstances put them on the street with no support from family or friends. There is often a very fine dividing line between normality and suddenly being alone with nothing.
We would love to end rough sleeping in Manchester but until that happens, C4C will continue to offer sustenance and support”

Find out more about their great work here

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