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Breakthrough in Banana Disinfection

Breakthrough in Banana Disinfection

9 April 2014

After 37 years of business in South America for the effective control of Moko Disease in banana plantations, our world renowned disinfectant, Vanodine, has been launched in South East Asia to help control a second and equally destructive microorganism: Fusarium in banana and fruit plantations.

Moko Disease is caused by the bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum. It causes wilting and discolouration of banana leaves and can ultimately kill the plant. It is very easily spread and can prove difficult to control. Moko Disease is a worldwide problem which is capable of completely destroying an entire plantation. Similarly, Fusarium can cause huge economic losses in production within weeks of the first infection occurring.

Our iodophor disinfectant, Vanodine, has now been proven to be more effective than any other disinfectants currently used to control these two major plant diseases, and has the added benefits of being lower cost in use and safe to handle, resulting in less risk for the worker.

Our International Division Manager, Peter Thompson, and Dr Freddie Yu, Animal Health Product Manager for East & Southeast Asia, have been holding seminars and training in the Philippines along with our long-standing partner Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) to promote the launch of Vanodine in the banana industry.

Both Peter and Freddie reported back that they enjoyed their Philippines trip.

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