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Bed Bug Infestations

10 October 2023
Infestations of bedbugs are reported to be sweeping Paris and other French cities, and concern is growing over the likelihood of an outbreak reaching the UK.

Our technical department have put together some information regarding the situation. 

What are bed bugs?
Bed bugs are insects from the genus Cimex that feed on blood, usually at night. 

Life Cycle
  • Egg stage – Female lays her eggs in warm dry crevices, mattress edges and frames.
  • Nymph stage – the bugs hatch into nymphs an immature copy of the adult; the nymph will shed its outer skin 5 times before maturing. These nymphs are the size of a poppy seed.
  • Blood feeding adult – feeds on human blood at night. Usually, the size of an apple pip.

Destroying an Infestation
A chemical pesticide is required to kill the bugs usually from a specialised pest control company. Normal cleaning and disinfection practices will not remove an infestation of bed bugs.

Heat Treatment
A bed bug infestation can be treated using steam, making sure that mattresses, bed frames, blankets, sheets, curtains and pillows are treated properly. Fabrics should be washed on a hot wash (60°C). Extra care should be taken when removing items from the affected area to the washing facility.

Further information can be found on the NHS and Pest Control websites below:

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