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Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

22 October 2015

Following the recent outbreak in Lancashire, we would like to advise you that Evans Vanodine has several approved disinfectants for use in the control of Avian Influenza.

The disinfectant dilution rates below are recommended following the results of tests carried out using our disinfectants against various Avian Influenza strains. The dilution rates are also the same as the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Approved Poultry Order dilution rates for these disinfectants, which DEFRA recommend using.

FAM 30 (iodine base) dilution rate 1:100

VANODOX FORMULA (peracetic acid base) dilution rate 1:145

GPC8 (glutaraldehyde base) dilution rate 1:50

We recommend the use of SHIFT (power wash liquid), TARGET (foam cleaner) and TARGET POWERGEL (foam gel cleaner) for the cleaning of surfaces before disinfection.

Farm workers need to pay special attention to Biosecurity. They should clean and disinfect clothing, footwear and vehicles and use foot and wheel dips containing an approved disinfectant (See DEFRA web site for more Biosecurity advice).

The Department of Health also recommends the maintenance of good basic hygiene, such as frequent hand washing followed by hand disinfection with an alcohol hand rub (e.g.Evans HANDSAN), to reduce the spread of the virus from your hands to your face, or to other people. The frequent cleaning of hard surfaces (e.g. worktops and door handles) to avoid possible human transmission is also recommended.

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