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African Swine Fever - Recommendations

African Swine Fever - Recommendations

26 February 2019

African Swine Fever (ASF) is spreading in Europe and has also been found in China. Please see below, an extract from the DEFRA website and our recommendations for disinfection.

"ASF is spreading in Europe and has also been found in China. In affected areas the disease has been confirmed in wild boar, as well as on farms, smallholdings and in pet pigs.

Defra and APHA are monitoring the situation to assess the risk to the UK pig population.

The disease is highly contagious. It can spread if healthy pigs:

 - eat infectious meat or meat products - the virus survives for a long time in cooked or frozen meat
 - have contact with infected pigs or their faeces or body fluids
 - have contact with anything contaminated with the virus - such as people, clothing, vehicles and other equipment"

The advice from Defra is that strict biosecurity is required to prevent disease from spreading and includes advice to clean and disinfect vehicles and equipment.

FAM 30 is suitable for use as a surface disinfectant. Defra recommend using approved disinfectants at the general orders dilution rate, for FAM 30 this is 1-part FAM 30 to 49 parts water. FAM 30 has been laboratory tested against ASF virus in South Africa and found to be effective at 1:200.

Surfaces should be cleaned before disinfection, except in areas where there is definite contamination from a sick animal, when the disinfectant should be used to clean up (without creating aerosols, so no power washing) and then applied again to cleaned surfaces.

See the Defra website for full details of biosecurity measures and the OIE site for information about ASF:

If you would like to download a copy of this advice, please click HERE 

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