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About Us

Leaders in industrial hygiene and livestock protection.

Evans Vanodine was established in1919 when William Charles Evans, at the age of 24, started manufacturing disinfectants and liquid soaps in Salford, Manchester, under the name ‘W.C.Evans & Co Ltd’. Despite severe war damage in 1940, the company continued to expand and relocated to Eccles, where it became known as ‘Evans of Eccles’ and began to consolidate its position in an increasingly competitive market.

In 1950, the iodine disinfectant Vanodine was developed. After extensive research a further disinfectant, based on the Vanodine formulation was introduced. This was FAM, used to treat Foot and Mouth disease during the 1967/68 epidemic. Today it is still considered to be the finest disinfectant of its type in the world.  A change of name to ‘Evans Vanodine International’ reflected the growing importance of both its iodine-based products and the business being obtained from overseas. By the late 1970’s, it was evident that the facilities at Eccles would be unable to meet the demands from both the home and export markets. A new factory was built and in March 1981 the company moved to its present location at Walton Summit, just outside Preston. The company has since taken over further factory units on the industrial estate so that it now operates from a modern 100,000 square foot factory on a 5 acre site.

Distinctive packaging that you know and trust

Product labelling and packaging is bright, colourful and designed to be distinctive. The Evans Knight logo is symbolic of the exacting standards of excellence in research, manufacture and service. This commitment to total quality management was recognised in February 1990, when the company was awarded British Standard 5750 Part 2 (Cert.No. 09535). This has now been updated and extended to ISO 9001. This is complemented by highly qualified and experienced product development chemists and microbiologists using the latest equipment and protocols in a laboratory facility which has been awarded a National Accreditation (UKAS) for Disinfectant Testing (Cert. No. 1108).

Research and development

Modern laboratory facilities, which include quality control and microbiological units, plus highly advanced analytical instrumentation, are the cornerstones of the manufacturing programme. The company has built a reputation based on commitment to research and development, ensuring a flow of new and improved formulations is constantly being added to its wide range of products.

Dedicated to the highest standard

Evans Vanodine realises the importance of fulfilling customer expectations and requirements. All raw materials are monitored before and during manufacture. Even the process water is de-ionised to ensure consistency. Finished products are examined carefully after production to ensure the highest degree of quality assurance. Batch samples are retained for up to 5 years and reviewed on a regular basis.

Advanced production facilities

Products are manufactured in 10,000 and 14,000 litre stainless steel and heavy duty polyethylene tanks .The production line includes multi-head filling lines, complete with automatic capping and labelling machines. These advanced facilities ensure that substantial quantities of products are always in stock.

Regular inspections to ensure the highest safety standards

All products are quarantined until approved by the Quality Assurance Department. The manufacturing processes are subject to regular inspection by British Standards & Medicine Inspectorates, Health & Safety Executive, Fire Brigade, Water Board and Effluent Officers.

The Environment

Evans Vanodine operate under a management system which is accredited by the British Standards Institution under the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.  The standard requires the company to commit to the protection of the environment & fully comply with all relevant environmental legislation. The company has a strategic policy of handling and storing raw materials, managing packaging to reduce waste consignment to landfill and controlling effluent and water consumption. The success of the company has recently been recognised by winning a Best Water Efficiency Award and a Best Environmental Practice Award.

Evans Vanodine’s Delivery Service

A fast, reliable delivery service, using a fleet of modern transport vehicles ensures that customers are supplied with their orders safely, efficiently and without delay.

Comprehensive storage and warehousing facilities

Evans Vanodine have extensive warehouse facilities and operate a Demand Planning and Forecasting Warehouse Management System. This provides each of the product lines with a specific bar code to enable the operator to quickly locate and pick an item by utilising a hand held bar code scanner.

An efficient and reliable export service

Export containers are used for all our overseas customers, allowing for fast, easy loading and secure packing. A computerised administration process ensures maximum efficiency and speed of turnaround on orders.

Trust Evans Vanodine for your every requirement

The company strives to ensure that the customer benefits from the security and confidence of dealing with a dependable, family company. Animal health and industrial hygiene users alike have trusted Evans Vanodine for over 90 years. This trust is greatly valued by a company that has established for itself a reputation second to none for quality, consistency and friendly, helpful service. It has an enviable record of staff relations, as a large proportion of employees have been with the company for over 20 years. Every member of the company realises the importance of consistently fulfilling the high expectations of our customers. Put that trust and service to the test by calling our Sales or Export Department on 01772 322200.

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